MARSHALL CAVENDISH, the Group’s publishing brand, unifies our content and aligns our global network, which reaches across the world. As an international publisher of varying formats such as books, directories, magazines and digital platforms, many of our imprints including MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION, MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDITIONS, MARSHALL CAVENDISH BUSINESS, MARSHALL CAVENDISH CHILDREN, MARSHALL CAVENDISH CUISINE and MARSHALL CAVENDISH BUSINESS INFORMATION have become household names in the market and have received international awards and wide recognition for excellence.

MC Education
As a global education solutions provider dedicated to nurturing the joy of learning and preparing students for the future, at MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION ("MCE"), we believe the best way to do so is by simplifying learning and listening to the needs of schools, teachers, students, and parents.

We do this by making our world-class educational content more accessible through a seamless experience that integrates both print and digital resources, an interactive blend that keeps learners engaged during lessons. Our holistic and end-to-end solutions are customised to the school's requirements, with professional development to help educators implement the curriculum and improve their skillsets to keep pace with evolving education trends.

Our global reach has seen us work with ministries, policymakers, educators, and parents in over 85 countries, and design education solutions in 14 languages for Pre-K to 12. MCE is the only Asia-based publisher that is an endorsement partner of Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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If you are curious about the world around you and interested to explore perspectives, the books from MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDITIONS will inform and inspire. Written by thought leaders and subject-matter experts, our books cover a spectrum of genres including politics, history, art, travel, and fiction. We also publish works by and about renowned figures such as Lee Kuan Yew, Kishore Mahbubani and Mahathir bin Mohamad – among these literary output are memoirs, biographies, and socio-political commentaries. 

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mc business
MARSHALL CAVENDISH BUSINESS titles articulate the thoughts and visions of the people who shape, direct and influence business, both in Asia and internationally. These books by leading industry personalities cover a broad spectrum of topics, including investing, finance and management – bringing to readers a wealth of informative, practical insights in a global context, backed by in-depth analyses and future outlook.

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MC Children
MARSHALL CAVENDISH CHILDREN books enthrall and entertain young readers through the world of adventure, fantasy, mystery and much more. The stories nourish imagination and the illustrations enhance visual literacy, helping children to cultivate a lifelong love for reading.

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Good food engages our senses of taste, smell, touch and sight. Each
MARSHALL CAVENDISH CUISINE title is a delicious treat ripe with luscious visuals, heady with scrumptious recipes and a-sprout with ideas and practical tips. We cover a range of cuisine and cooking proficiencies, and our books are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned cooks. Anyone with an interest in food will find his or her culinary journey enriched and invigorated.

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MARSHALL CAVENDISH BUSINESS INFORMATION is a leading publisher of trade directories with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong SAR. More than 40 trade directories are printed annually and its business information covers over 15 key industries.