Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance has been and continues to be the foundation on which Fraser and Neave, Limited ("F&N" or the "Company") operates. The firm commitment of the F&N Group to set and maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate transparency can be seen in its sound corporate policies, business practices and internal controls.

This helps the Company safeguard its assets and Shareholders' interests while allowing it to pursue sustainable growth and value-enhancement initiatives for Shareholders.

F&N is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") and believes in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the SGX-ST Listing Manual, and the principles and guidelines of the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the "Code"). The Company is guided in its corporate governance practices by the principles of the Code, and continues to strive toward a high standard of corporate governance and corporate transparency.

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