Our Heritage

135 years ago, two visionaries set up a modest company to produce carbonated soft drinks. This company would eventually become one of the food and beverage giants in the region - Fraser and Neave, Limited.


Scotsmen John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave establish The Singapore and Straits Aerated Water Company, alongside their printing press, to produce carbonated soft drinks.


The Company enters into a joint venture with Heineken N.V. of Holland to form Malayan Breweries Limited (subsequently renamed Asia Pacific Breweries Limited ("APB") in 1990) to produce beer.

Tiger Beer is born as Singapore's first homegrown beer a year later.


F&N is awarded the Coca-Cola bottling franchise for Singapore and Malaysia.


The region's first sweetened condensed milk plant is built in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, under a joint venture with Beatrice Foods of Chicago. The facility opens in 1961.


Dairy production commences in Singapore.


F&N launches the F&N corporate logo to better reflect its growing group of businesses and international expansion.

A state-of-the-art ice-cream manufacturing plant is built in Singapore.

1979 The Singapore and Straits Aerated Water Company becomes Fraser and Neave, Limited ("F&N") upon issuing its shares to the public.


F&N marks its centennial; 100PLUS, a carbonated isotonic sports drink, is launched to commemorate the milestone.


F&N's breweries and soft drinks plant in Singapore are relocated for the vacated lands to be developed by F&N as it enters the property business.


F&N, together with Goodman Felders Watties, takes control of Cold Storage Holdings.


Restructuring of Cold Storage Holdings - Centrepoint Properties becomes a member of F&N, and the Group acquires Cold Storage Holdings' dairy operations in Singapore.


F&N sets up Myanmar Brewery Limited to register a foothold in the country's developing beer market.


Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd comes into being following the restructuring of the Group's Malaysian soft drinks, dairies and glass businesses, in compliance with Malaysia's New Economic Policy.


F&N acquires a 20.1% stake in Times Publishing Group.


A third core business is established when F&N assumes majority control of Times Publishing Group.


F&N delists Times Publishing and Frasers Property Limited (formerly Frasers Centrepoint Limited) through two voluntary conditional cash offers in 2001.

F&N returns capital of $0.80 per share to shareholders and cancels 1 ordinary share for every 10 ordinary shares.


F&N launches its retail real estate investment trust ("REIT"), Frasers Centrepoint Trust.

F&N announces the acquisition of Nestle's canned and liquid milk business in Malaysia and Thailand, and becomes the largest canned milk producer in Southeast Asia following its completion in 2007.


The Group acquires an 17.7% stake in SGX-ST listed Allco Commercial REIT, now known as Frasers Commercial Trust.


F&N divests its entire interest in APB, which has grown to become one of the key players in the Asia Pacific region.


F&N becomes a part of Thailand's TCC Group, which is engaged in food and beverage, real estate, industrial trading and consumer products, insurance and agriculture.

F&N distributes $3.28 per share in cash to shareholders, an aggregate amount of $4.73 billion, which is substantially the Company's gain from the APB sale.

F&N celebrates its 130th anniversary.


F&N demerges its Properties business through a distribution in specie of all the issued shares in Frasers Property Limited ("FPL") to F&N shareholders, and re-listing of FPL by way of introduction on the Singapore stock exchange.

F&N returns capital of $607 million (or $0.42 per share) in cash to shareholders.

2015 F&N secures a 22-year licensing agreement with Nestle for the manufacture and distribution of Nestle's canned milk products in ASEAN.

F&N disposes its 55% stake in a brewery in Myanmar for a cash consideration of US$560 million.

 2016 F&N acquires Warburg, a leading player in Singapore's vending market.

 2017 Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (“Vinamilk”) became an associated company of F&N in April 2017. On account of the Group’s interests in Vinamilk and the appointment of a second board representative, F&N is deemed to have, in accordance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, significant influence over Vinamilk for accounting purposes.  

Today, F&N is one of the region's most established and successful homegrown companies with expertise and prominent standing in the Food & Beverage and Publishing & Printing industries.