Investor Relations Reports Annual Reports 2010

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"Great People, Distinctive Performance."
  Annual Report 2010
   -   Full Report 4.8MB
          By Sections:
-   10-Year Performance at a Glance   63KB  
-   Group Financial Highlights   68KB  
-   Message from Chairman 204KB  
-   Board of Directors 428KB  
-   Corporate Information/Structure 171KB
-   Our Growth Drivers   46KB
-   Group Financial Performance   60KB  
    CEO Business Review
      Food & Beverage 673KB
      Properties 963KB 
      Publishing & Printing 609KB 
-   Corporate Social Responsibility 819KB
-   Treasury Highlights   76KB  
-   Corporate Governance Report   76KB  
-   Financial Report 4.64MB 


Shareholding Statistics and Notice of AGM and Proxy 504KB

-   Financial Calendar   81KB