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Leveraging Fraser and Neave, Limited's ("F&N" or the "Group") financial strengths, partnering skills, consumer knowledge and established distribution networks, a new core business focusing on publishing and printing was formed in January 2000 to underpin the Group's longer-term profit objectives with Times Publishing becoming the key vehicle in these aspects.

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Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish is an international publisher of books, directories, magazines and digital format. Our philosophy of enriching life through knowledge transcends boundaries of geography and culture. In line with this vision, our products reach across the globe in 13 languages and our publishing network includes Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the USA.

Our brands have garnered international awards for educational excellence, and they include Marshall Cavendish Education, Marshall Cavendish Online, Marshall Cavendish Benchmark and Marshall Cavendish Digital. Several have also achieved household name status in the international market.

Our aspiration to further the desire for lifelong learning and self-development continues to guide our efforts as we stride into the new century.

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Times Printers

Times Printers

Times Printers ("TP") is a leading provider of integrated printing services with a regional network of printing plants that extends from China to Malaysia and Singapore. Committed to deliver excellence in quality and client servicing, TP strives to provide its clients with customised print solutions by coupling advanced offset services with the latest in digital data transmission and computer-to-plate technologies. Our superiority in service and quality has made TP the printer of choice for many distinguished corporate companies. Some of its current projects include international publications like Time, Newsweek, The Economist and Forbes Asia, as well as book printing for countries like North America, Canada, the UK and Europe.

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Pansing Distribution

Pansing Distribution Group, established in 1975, has become a leading player in the arena of distribution from Asia Pacific to Japan representing high-quality books and magazines of major publishers from the UK, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Our distribution network of more than 4,000 outlets spans Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and the Hong Kong SAR, covering a host of consumer touch points that include bookshops, newsstands, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotel outlets, and petrol kiosks. We are also an established distributor of specialist books to libraries and universities in Singapore. Supporting this cutting-edge infrastructure is superior channel-management expertise, sophisticated and efficient warehousing facilities, stock management systems and highly trained personnel.

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Times Bookstores

Established since 1978, Times bookstores is a leading retailer of English language books in the region including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Catering to the reading needs of generations of Singaporean, Times bookstores continues to be the trusted bookstore brand. With an inspiring retail environment, customers are led to rediscover their own interest and find new dimensions in their world thus making book buying an exciting experience.

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NoQ Store

NoQ store began in January 2011, bringing the world of books closer to consumers through a brand new online shopping experience. Based on an approach of convenience and speed, NoQ Store has a database of a million international, local and Asian titles across 37 categories.

The online NoQ Store community allows like-minded individuals to share reviews, purchases and recommendations. Located in Singapore, the Asian home-base ensures competitive book and delivery prices, freshly updated titles, products, trends and news and a door-to-door delivery.

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